This is a page of old builds for archival purposes only!
They are completely unsupported and not guaranteed to work.

Grab the filter driver installer from for Windows libusb support (diagnostics, I/O drivers).


November 26th, 2008
After quite a bit of time, the pre-beta build is live! Check it out.
Release notes

August 29th, 2008
OpenITG alpha 8 is out. This build should be fully arcade-compatible (once you grab + install the arcade libs, anyway).

July 11th, 2008
OpenITG alpha 7 is out now, after several mishaps. >>;
Release Notes are available here, and report bugs here.

May 30th, 2008
OpenITG alpha 6 is out! Grab it below, and report any bugs you find here. Enjoy; we've put a lot of work into fixing bugs for this one.
You can view the Release Notes here.

May 26th, 2008
The SVN server is down due to a fried NIC card - the data should be unharmed, but it's setting back an already-slow development cycle, go figure. Anyway, check out the changelog.txt to see our progress to date!

April 30th, 2008
Alpha 5 is out! A bit late, but out nonetheless. (Please be patient - I'm uploading the full install)
Release Notes are available here.

April 8th, 2008
Just felt like letting you guys know, PIUIO will be fully working for alpha 5, which should be coming along within the next 2 weeks. :)
Current changelog can be found here.

March 21st, 2008
OpenITG alpha4 released. View the Release Notes here.
This is a bug-fix release for alpha 3.

March 17th, 2008
OpenITG alpha3 released - thanks to infamouspat and wanny for Windows compilation work.
View the Release Notes here.
The rest of the files will be up before too long.

Newest version

The newest OpenITG versions can be found here.

Cross-platform update

Unzip this in the OpenITG directory to install.
Alpha 8: (9.9 MB)
Alpha 7: (7.0 MB)
Alpha 6: (6.9 MB)
Alpha 5: (7.5 MB)

Cross-platform, full install

Includes Windows and Linux binaries, and (theme, noteskins, etc.)
Pre-beta: (60 MB)
Alpha 8: (56 MB)
Alpha 7: (48 MB)
Alpha 6: (60 MB)
Alpha 5: (61 MB)
Alpha 4: (53 MB)
Alpha 3: (53 MB)

Source code revisions

SVN repository is at
Pre-beta: r553
Alpha 8: r496
Alpha 7: r439
Alpha 6: r364

Source code tarballs

Alpha 5 source code: src-alpha5.tar.gz (6.7 MB, much smaller libs)
Alpha 4 source code: src-alpha4.tar.gz (11 MB)
Alpha 3 source code: src-alpha3.tar.gz (9.3 MB)
Alpha 2 source code: src-alpha2.tar.gz (9.2 MB)
Alpha 1.1 source code: src-alpha1.1.tar.gz (9.2 MB)

Linux binaries

Alpha 8 binaries: openitg-alpha8.tar.gz (8.5 MB)
Alpha 7 binary: openitg-alpha7.gz (4.2 MB)
Alpha 6 binary: openitg-alpha6.gz (4.2 MB)
Alpha 5 binary: openitg-alpha5.gz (4.0 MB)
Alpha 4 binary: openitg-alpha4.gz (5.1 MB)
Alpha 3 binary: openitg-alpha3.gz (5.1 MB)
Alpha 2 binary: openitg-alpha2.gz (3.4 MB)
Alpha 1.1 binary: openitg-alpha1.1.gz (3.4 MB)

Windows Program folders

Alpha 8 folder: (6.8 MB)
Alpha 7 folder: (3.7 MB)
Alpha 6 folder: (3.7 MB)
Alpha 5 folder: (3.7 MB)
Alpha 4 folder: (3.4 MB)
Alpha 3 folder: (3.4 MB)


Licensing: Licenses.txt