NOTE: these are not well tested by me; that's what I'm counting on you for. Please keep that in mind if you decide to use any of it :)

Arcade patch

Download here (ITG 2 oITG-b3-DEV-2.itg, 5.2 MB)

Download Patch.rsa for OpenITG (place in /stats/ if you're not currently running oITG)

Installation instructions are here. This is all you need for the arcade build :)

PC builds

Download patch data (, 1.4 MB, required for ALL builds!)

Linux: game binary (openitg.gz, 3.2 MB)
Linux: GTK module for splash window (, 0.1 MB)

Windows: zipped game binaries (regular/SSE2 + debug info, extract into Program) (4.7 MB)

Installation instructions:

  1. Replace your with the downloaded one (it is located at /Data/patch/ in your OpenITG install)
  2. Replace your game binary with the downloaded one (Linux binary is in the root directory, Windows is under /Program/)

Changelog (not done yet)